Pai Gow is an exciting game that originated in 1985 and available at the best betting sites recommended by . It was invented by Sam Torosian and is a version of poker. Throughout this guide, we will be taking the time to explain the games' gameplay and rules to help you get started playing it. We will also give you some strategies to boost your winning chances.

Before we dive into explaining the gameplay of pai gow, let us first talk about some of the popular variations you may find on the lobby of top betting sites. These are Pai Gow Mania, Fortune Pai Gow, Pai Gow Insurance and so on. One thing you need to know is that the same rules apply to these variations and so is their gameplay.

Pai Gow Basic Rules

When playing pai gow, your main goal is to beat the dealer by forming the best two hands from 7 cards. The first is the high hand that is made up of 5 cards, while the other is the low hand that has two cards. When forming poker hands, you must make sure the high hand is higher than the low hand. If not, you lose.

Pai Gow Gameplay

Once you start a pai gow game by placing your bets, the dealer will issue 7 cards to you from the deck, and you are to form the low and high hands. The dealer will also take for himself two cards and form low and high hands as well. After that, the hands of the dealer and players are compared to know who the winner is.

Winnings in Pai Gow

If your two hands have a better poker ranking that the dealer's hands, then you win. However, if one hand is higher than the dealer's hand, your initial wager is pushed to the next game round. If the game's outcome is a tie, the dealer wins nonetheless. You can check the rules in the information section of the pai gow you want to play to know what applies.

Pai Gow in Free Mode

We have extensively explained the rules and gameplay of pai gow. To get hands-on experience with the game, then you should consider playing the free versions available at the best casino sites or game developers' websites. You will be able to play for free and practice the game better. In addition, you can also test some of the common strategies used in the game.